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Natural Laundry Tips


Choose your natural laundry detergent by the amount of scent you want. Look for the words "fragrance free" on the label to avoid all scent. For mild fragrance, read the list of ingredients. The first items on the list come in the largest quantities and offer a clue to the fragrance of the soap. In addition, most labels provide a scent description. Caldrea, for instance, specialize in aromatic green laundry detergents.


Although natural, not all green laundry soaps are hypoallergenic. Read the labels and look for the words, "fully hypoallergenic" or "hypoallergenic." Review the list of ingredients as well, in search of any known allergens unique to you and your family, like coconut or palm oil, which are common in green laundry soaps.

No Dyes

Natural laundry detergents contain no phosphates, UV brighteners or dyes, making them easier on your clothes. Read the labels closely, not merely to discover the items included in natural laundry detergents, but the items excluded, which are common to regular laundry detergents.


All natural laundry detergents are fully non-toxic and biodegradable, using plant-based enzymes or oils to clean laundry. Search the label for the list of active ingredients and look for the "never tested on animals" logo, which looks like a white bunny.


To make your own natural laundry detergent, soak a shredded bar of natural, dye-free soap in boiling water until dissolved. Add 3 gallons of water and mix in a cup of washing soda. Let stand overnight until the solution thickens.

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