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Relaxation Tips for Parents

Back Rubs

Consider your mate a portal to relaxing moments. To set the mood, shut off all televisions, phones and computers prior to your back rub session. You can sit on the couch and lean forward on pillows or lie down on the bed. But do yourselves a favor and wait until after the children go to bed so you can avoid stressful interruptions. To make the most of your relaxation attempt, create a calming environment free of negative dialogue and noise. Ask your partner if he or she feels the stress of the day anywhere in particular and if so, address that area first. The two of you can choose a particular amount of time per partner before beginning or simply massage one another until you reach a fully relaxed state.

Mood Enhancements

Set the mood for success when you want to unwind at the end of the day or even mid-day when stressful circumstances threaten to get the best of you. Close the curtains and blinds, and dim the lights to trick your brain into assuming it's time to relax. Play soft music; nature, whale and animal sounds, monk and Buddhist chants, and slow classical music can all be appropriate for this situation. Set the CD player on repeat, grab a blanket made with rich material such as chenille, silk or velour, and curl up on the couch or in your favorite armchair. Have an eye mask on hand as well. Invest in one scented with relaxing lavender or purchase some lavender oil at the store and add a few drops. You also can purchase an infuser disperse the scent throughout the room. Head off any potential interruptions so you can sink into full relaxation. A glass of red wine can aid this process.

Foot Massages

Whether you're a single parent or part of a parenting team, you're likely on the run from the moment you awake until you go to bed at night. When you need to unwind in the middle of your day, a foot massage can rejuvenate your feet and re-invigorate your mind, allowing stressful conditions to slip away. Purchase a foot massage soaking basin with a textured bottom you can rub your feet across. Flip the switch to generate bubbles and heat. The longer you massage your feet without distraction, the more relaxed you become. After you're done soaking, refresh your feet with peppermint lotion. The massage basins often come with tools so you can continue with a full pedicure if you wish.

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