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DIY Coffee-Filter Snowflakes

You remember creating paper snowflakes in grade school, right? Folding paper over and over, then cutting out little designs to create one-of-a-kind flakes? Well, we just made things a lot easier. By using coffee filters instead of regular white paper, you eliminate the need to cut out any type of circle—the flakes automatically come out in a round shape! Plus, the thinner paper is much easier to cut through for small kids .

Here's what you need:

If you'd like a more natural, rustic look, go for the light brown coffee filters. The hole punch is great for creating perfect circles, and the decorative edge scissors make it easy to form a patterned border for the snowflakes. If all you have are regular scissors, though, that's just fine—you can still make a beautiful snowflake with only that resource. Once you're done cutting and creating, you'll also need double-sided tape to display the snowflakes on your window.

Here's what you do:

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Just fold a coffee filter in half a few times (we folded until it was one-eighth its original size), then get to work cutting! Don't worry about making anything specific—beautiful patterns will emerge as you unfold the snowflake when you're done cutting. If you make them one by one, you'll start getting a feel for how the designs develop. Once you're done, display them all over! The more variation, the better.

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