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Toddler Talk: DIY Wrapping Paper

I recently bought a roll of wrapping paper and couldn’t believe how fast I went through it, especially for how much it cost! So with my niece's first birthday as well as Christmas and New Years (let’s face it, any reason to wrap up a present is a good one) on the horizon, I stole an idea from all those resourceful moms out there that want to keep things fun, simple, and as easy as possible (short of wrapping presents in inside-out paper bags or newspaper).

Ramona has been showing an immense interest in just about any craft I put in front of her. Learning to cut with scissors, filling in shapes with mama’s work pens, and, now, stamping. It’s hard to get anything done without some little hands interjecting to help. And I’m fine with it, especially if it adds a touch of flare in the process!

Using a roll of white craft paper I’ve had for ages in the basement, I decided to wrap all my gifts with that since, well, it’s already in my home and free! But presents wrapped just in white aren’t that exciting. So when Ramona came over and stamped a big old heart on it when I wasn’t looking, I was pleased with the pizazz it added. A happy accident!

From then on, Ramona and I worked as a team. I’d wrap the present, then hand it over to her to stamp away on the blank canvas. The presents looked a lot more interesting than plain white and Ramona got a lesson in using an ink pad and stamp as responsibly as possible for a two year old. She still got some ink on her teeny fingers and sometimes an inked stamp would find its way to the floor. But mostly, she became accustomed and adept at stamping the stamp in the ink and making her mark all over the present.

For some smaller presents, I had her first stamp the paper, and then I wrapped them up. You can use any blank, non-shiny paper, and any colored ink and any shaped stamp. Have fun with what you have! And if you don’t already have these supplies at home, they can be found at your local general or craft store for reasonable prices.

What you need

Ink pad


Blank, non-shiny paper large enough to wrap your gifts

A gift to wrap!

What you do

1. Either tear off a piece of paper large enough to wrap your box or wrap your box first

2. Show your little one how to use a stamp, making sure to stay on the paper

3. Let them stamp away!

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