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Youth Water Activities


Whether indoors or outdoors, pools can be a lot of fun for kids. Many kids prefer to just splash around, but some children like the challenge of organized games. One favorite for unsure swimmers is the Duck Push. For this game, all children are given a floating rubber duck. When the signal is given, they all must try to get their duck across the pool without touching it. This can involve splashing, making waves, blowing or otherwise generating a current. Diving boards, slip and slides, water tubes, and various forms of flotation devices can also add to pool-time fun.


Playing on the lake can present new challenges to children, because they are no longer given clear boundaries or even clear water through which they can see. If you have a boat available, kids can have fun tubing, wakeboarding, kneeboarding or waterskiing. Swimming races and pool games are also fun activities in the "wild." Many lakes keep large, square "floats" some distance from the shore that children often enjoy swimming to and from, establishing the surface of the float as their fort or castle.


A trip to the ocean might be a rare treat for your family, but the number of water sports and activities available for children are astounding. The waves offer new possibilities in the form of surfing, bodyboarding and skimboarding. Skimboarding is a form of surfing on land, or at least closer to land. Essentially, the skimboarder throws their board down on the receding water of a wave and skims along the beach on this sheen of water for as long as he can. Collecting shells, examining wildlife and building sandcastles are all other fun activities for kids at the beach.

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