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What to Wear on New Year’s Eve

Dress code: festive. It is the mark of almost every New Years invitation these days. But what does it even mean? Dress codes used to be casual, cocktail, or black tie. That was the range. Festive? Don’t panic. It just means cocktail with a little flare—or a lot of flare, depending on your personal style. In short, it means dressing like it’s your birthday.

Still confused? I have a few suggestions to inspire you:

Something with sparkle: You are ushering in an entire new year of possibilities. If there is a night to shine, this is it. Going for a full-sequin dress may not be your thing, but here are some fun accessories that you can add to every basic piece in your closet: a sequined bolero jacket, a glittery belt, a rhinestone-encrusted sash, a gold clutch or a twinkling heel.

A little white dress: It is a Brazilian custom to wear all white on New Year’s Eve to bring in a year of good luck. I am a fan of any custom that goes against the ridiculous “no white after labor day” nonsense. Also, white looks really wonderful when accessorized with lots of gold jewels and accessories.

Emergency foldable flats: You should start the night out in your favorite heels, but you should also have a backup plan. Wearing heels is all about practice; if you aren’t donning them on a regular basis, chances are your feet are going to turn on you halfway through the night. Pack a pair of foldable flats just in case it happens. There is nothing less festive than hobbling around in search of champagne.

And statement jewelry: The bigger, the bolder, the brighter, the better.

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