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Prenatal Ball Exercises

Arm and Leg Lift

Start with a warm-up exercise. Sit with your back straight and your feet firmly on the floor, about hip-width apart. Straighten your right leg and raise it up toward your hips. At the same time, raise your arms and lift them up to shoulder level. Slowly bring your leg and arms back to starting position. Continue the exercise on the other leg. Alternate legs as you raise your arms. These exercises strengthen the back muscles and help you concentrate on your pelvic contractions.

Ab Crunch

Sit up straight and balance yourself on the ball. Walk your feet forward until your back touches the exercise ball. Keep knees bent and feet pressed firmly into the ground. Your body must be at an incline with your hips lower than your shoulders. Put your hands behind your head so they touch each other but avoid grasping them. Slowly, contract your abdominal muscles in towards the spine. Bring your head, shoulder and arms forward at the same time. Hold the position and then return to starting position. Continue to do repetitions until you are finished. Walk your feet in toward the ball and slowly raise your body up to sitting position.

Pelvic Tilt

Place your hands onto the exercise ball as you kneel down. Tuck your pelvis in and roll the ball in toward your body while contracting your abdominal muscles. Hold and slowly push the ball away from your body to return to starting position.

Wall Squat

Stand with your back touching a wall. Place an exercise ball between yourself and the wall. Place your feet shoulder-length apart in front of your hips. With your body leaning slightly against the ball, slowly bend your knees and lower your body so your thighs appear parallel to the ground. Slowly straighten your legs and return to starting position.


Sit comfortably on the ball with your back straight. Tighten the same vaginal muscles that would block the flow of urine from coming through. Count slowly to five and release the muscles. Repeat as often as you can because these exercises reinforce core muscles and help you balance.

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