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How to Childproof Poisonous Items

Step 1

Never keep cleaning products, such as dishwashing liquid and detergents, in a cabinet under the kitchen sink. Place household cleaning products in a cabinet that is high enough to be out of the child's reach. Place safety latches on all cabinets, drawers and cupboard doors. When cleaning, never leave open bottles of cleaning products unattended.

Step 2

Store medications, both prescription and nonprescription, in a locked medicine cabinet. Never leave vitamins, aspirin or other medicine bottles on kitchen tables, sinks, countertops, dressers, bedside tables or anywhere children might have access. Keep them in a high cabinet secured with a safety latch.

Step 3

Keep automotive and gardening items, such as antifreeze and fertilizer, in a locked area, preferably in a garage or storage area outside of the house. Keep children away from certain toxic household plants. For example, holiday plants such as holly and mistletoe, rhododendron, English ivy and lily of the valley are all toxic and should be out of the reach of children.

Step 4

Keep alcohol in a locked cabinet far from the reach of children. Never leave alcoholic drinks unattended. Be sure to clean up promptly after a party where alcohol may have been present. Products such as mouthwash, vanilla and almond extracts may contain high levels of alcohol and should be locked away and far from reach.

Step 5

Keep cosmetic items, such as makeup, nail polish, nail polish remover, perfumes and other toiletries out of the reach of children. They should be locked in a high cabinet. If any of these items are kept in a purse, be sure to keep the purse on a high shelf or locked away out of the reach of children. Be sure also to store guests' bags and purses, which may contain harmful items, in a safe, secure area as well.

Step 6

Install a security gate for extra safety to keep young children out of particular rooms, such as kitchens and bathrooms, where there are potentially harmful items.

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