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Twins Reunited by Social Media Share Their Story

Last year, we told you the unbelievable story of two women who connected via Facebook, only to learn that they may very well be twins.

It went something like this: L.A. actress Samantha Futerman got a Facebook message one day from someone named Anais Bordier, a French design student living in London, who had this weird feeling she just couldn't shake. It seems she'd stumbled onto one of Futerman's own YouTube videos—How It Feels to Be Adopted—and couldn't get over the fact that the girl on screen looked an awful lot like herself. In fact, they looked identical. And considering the fact that Bordier was also adopted ... well, you can see where she was going with this.

So she did what any other reasonable person in the Internet age would do—a little virtual stalking. Amazingly, some light Google investigation turned up exactly what she suspected: Both women were born on the same exact day in the same exact city in Korea. Jackpot!

Futerman herself couldn't deny the uncanny resemblance and identical birth dates, and after much back and forth online, the two arranged to meet near Anais' home in London. Boy, was it epic. The "twinsters," as they have since dubbed themselves, shared an immediate and undeniable bond. And being the media-savvy twentysomethings that they are, the two women decided to share their emotional meeting with others. So they launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a documentary tracking their "possible siblingship"—which would culminate in the release of their DNA results, proving whether or not they are in fact related.

Now a year later, the two possible sisters have been able to capture tons of amazing moments along their journey, including two weeks at Samantha's home in California, and 10 days in their birthplace, Seoul, Korea, where they visited their adoption agency together. All in all, the would-be sisters have collected 42,000 video clips together. But here's the thing: They need your help getting it through post-production.

"With every life-changing moment caught on camera, we need additional funds to put all of the pieces together in post-production," they write on their Kickstarter page. "The funds from this Kickstarter will go directly to hiring an editor, assistant editor, colorist, composer, graphic designer, sound designer, publicist, film festival fees and legal fees."

If you want to support Samantha and Anais's project, check out their Kickstarter page and submit a donation.

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