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Ribbon Repairing Tips

Iron-On Tape

Iron-on fabric tape is tape that comes in long strips, much like ribbon, and can be used as an easy alternative to sewing if you aren’t an experienced seamstress or have to repair with ribbon in a hurry. Make sure to buy ribbon thicker than your iron-on fabric tape. Apply tape to one side of the ribbon, lay the ribbon on the area of clothing you are repairing and use the heat of an iron to adhere the ribbon to fabric.

Add To Damaged Hem

Use ribbon to repair hems that are frayed or busted. You can use ribbon the same color and material as the garment to make it blend in well. For a funkier look that pops, use ribbon in a contrasting color. Lay the garment flat. Pin ribbon atop the hem and sew on one side; then flip over the item and do the same to the other side.

Use The Right Ribbon

If you are using thick ribbon, such as wide velvet ribbon or ribbon with embroidery on it, use thicker thread that is the same color as the ribbon. You don’t want to ruin the look of a beautiful ribbon material or embroidery with contrasting thread. Using thread that is too thin will result in the ribbon coming undone or getting easily torn off the area it is meant to repair.

Ribbon Bows For Repair

For small holes, try tying ribbon into bows and sewing them over holes. Another way to do this is to sew a long piece of ribbon over the hole, then tie it into a bow. This is an easy and fun idea to try for kid's clothes, which can constantly suffer wear and tear from playing.

Ribbon Waist

For garments that have become stretched too big and saggy, such as pajama pants or cargo pants, use ribbon to make these pieces fit again. Cut slits in the waistband of pants either on the inside or outside and loop a long piece of ribbon through, going all of the way around. Put on the pants and pull the ends of the ribbon together until pants are to your desired tightness.

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