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What Kind of Makeup Do You Wear for Light Skin?


Light-skinned women should stick to tinted moisturizers when it comes to coverage. These beauty products add the right amount of coverage and won't make you look too made-up. Look for a product that matches your skin exactly and also allows your natural tone to shine through. Additionally, find one with some SPF to help avoid sun damage.


Go with a shimmer to accentuate your eyes, but don't go with something dark. Pewter and gray metallics could make your eyes sparkle without making them seem too drastic, as does light purple. Silver liner also adds some drama to your eyes without looking too overpowering. Pale tan and taupe can also look phenomenal on light skin.


Give your cheeks some contour and color with a sweet berry or mauve-toned shade. These pale pink colors add a glow that looks natural and adorable. Sweep your blush brush over your cheekbones to highlight your cheekbones and make them pop. A light sweep over the apples of your cheeks can give your face a nice flush.


Coat your lips with a foxy sheen color. Berry and pink shades complement your skin and play up its pale nature. Soft shades like these are super feminine and won't make your lips look too dramatic.

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