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The Best Way to Waterproof a Foundation

Time to Prime

Before you dab on your foundation, coat your skin with a thin layer of primer. This is a cream that evens out your skin tone and absorbs your skin's oils. It also sets your makeup, so it stays in place regardless of humidity or a splash of rain. Just give your skin five minutes to absorb your moisturizer before applying the primer so it doesn't slide off, and let the primer dry before applying your foundation.

Powder Power

After you apply your liquid foundation, top it off with a loose matte powder. This will absorb external dampness during the day, leaving you with dry, totally touchable skin. Go for a translucent powder to keep makeup in place, as it goes on clear over your already flawless foundation. During the day, skip the powder compacts, which often contain oil, and eliminate shine with oil blotting sheets.

Seal the Deal

Once your foundation is just the way you like it, mist your face with a makeup-fixing spray, or sealer. It acts as an invisible face guard against humidity. Look for a waterproof sealer to make sure it'll fight off rain and pool water, too. Some are even loaded with vitamins and natural skin soothers, such as chamomile and soy, that keep your complexion radiant looking and healthy.

Application Aid

When you smooth on waterproof foundation, remember that waterproof products tend to dry faster than others, so fix it quickly. If you can't find a waterproof foundation, fear not. Choose a lightweight foundation ... they tend to stay in place longer than thick, creamy ones. By keeping your foundation light, you'll sport a breezy complexion that's cool in any weather.

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