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How-To Makeup Tips for People With Glasses

Step 1

Opt for cream eye shadow in three different shades of the same color. For instance, if you want your lids to wear medium brown, get both dark and light brown to match. Choose cream rather than powder to prevent it from flaking off of your lids onto your glasses. Select mascara that is waterproof so it won't smudge or flake off onto your lenses.

Step 2

Apply the lightest shade of shadow to the area above your lid to your eyebrow. Place the light brown shade on your lid. Place your glasses on your face and look at yourself in the mirror. If your eyes still need a little something else, sweep the dark brown shadow into the crease and socket area of your eyelid.

Step 3

Apply highlighting powder or white eyeliner along the inner corners of your eyes next to the bridge of your nose. Doing so will brighten and open your eyes.

Step 4

Apply the mascara to your lashes. First crimp them in an eyelash curler if you want your eyelashes to get a little lift and make your eyes appear more open. Run an eyelash comb through your lashes after you swipe on the mascara to get rid of any clumps, as they will be magnified under your lenses. Apply another coat of mascara to your lashes if desired, and run the comb through once again. You should be left with a look that enhances your eyes and makes them stand out under your glasses.

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