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Dramatic Evening Hairstyles

Oversized Bun

Try an over-the-top, oversized bun to get heads turning your way. To obtain this dramatic look, you'll need lots of teased hair or you'll have to wear extensions. Pull your tresses up to the crown of your head and secure them in a ponytail. Then twist your hair until it falls into a bun shape and secure it with lots of bobby pins.

Lots of Curls

A whole bunch of teased curls can certainly provide drama. Gwen Stefani rocked this look at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival. She paired her mega-curls with a black plunging, sparkly Stella McCartney frock and hot pink lips. She did it right by pinning her curls back so they still looked styled. If you want to wear lots of curls, make sure to whip them into some sort of style so they look intentional and not messy.

Avant-Garde Updo

Keep 'em guessing with an avant-garde updo like the one Eva Mendes wore to the 2009 CNN Heroes Awards in Hollywood. This twisty style is extremely complex but still manages to look sleek and polished. Its slightly off-center look keeps it even more interesting. Mendes managed to pull off chic and avant-garde at the same time--definitely a hard feat.

Get Theatrical

If all else fails, add a theatrical accessory. Take a cue from Sarah Jessica Parker, who wore a tall green, floral Phillip Treacy headpiece at the 2008 London premiere of "Sex and the City." You don't have to wear something as huge as Sarah Jessica Parker's very large hat. Just use it as inspiration to create your own stunning, accessorized hair look.

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