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Help for Bags Under My Eyes

Soothe 'Em

Bags under the eyes can be the unwanted leftovers of a late night, too much salt or too much alcohol. For a quick fix, apply an anti-puffiness undereye cream that contains ingredients such as caffeine, green tea or grapeseed oil, to help constrict your blood vessels. Don’t rub it on -- pat it on gently with your ring finger to place the least amount of pressure possible on the delicate area. If you don’t have an eye cream on hand, turn to your refrigerator. Cold compresses made from sliced cucumbers, sliced potatoes or a washcloth dipped in milk or ice water applied for 10 to 15 minutes at a time also can provide temporary relief.


If the bags under your eyes only seem to appear when everything’s blooming outside, allergies could be the cause of your undereye swelling. Take an antihistamine to clear up all that swelling around your nasal passages (it makes your eyes swell, too). Next, sleep with your head elevated. This lets all that water and lymph drain from under your eyes to reduce allergy-related bagginess.

Be a Cover Girl

Bags under the eyes are especially problematic because the puffy skin casts a shadow under the eye, making you look tired or old or both. In this instance, concealer can become your best friend. Choose a cream-based one that matches your skin tone exactly. Don’t buy in to that old idea that it should be lighter -- you’ll only look like a raccoon. Gently dab it on and set the area under the eyes with a loose powder, which will make your concealer last longer and won't get in the creases under your eyes.

When All Else Fails

If you’ve tried everything and the bags still won’t go away, you still have some options, although they are more invasive than cucumbers under the eyes. A physician may suggest phosphatidylcholine injections. It’s an effective treatment in dissolving the extra fat pads under your eyes that cause bagginess. Surgery can do the same thing, but let’s be honest -- an injection is far better than going under the knife.

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