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How to Lighten Your Age Spots

Step 1

Lighten up your liver spots with over-the-counter, or OTC, alpha hydroxy creams. Other potentially helpful ingredients include kojic acid, glycolic acid, hydroquinone and deoxyarbutin, depending on how dark your liver spots are. If the drugstore versions don't do the trick, ask your dermatologist to prescribe something stronger. Use these products regularly, since they need to penetrate the outer layer of skin to be effective.

Step 2

Cool it with cryotherapy. Prescription and OTC creams usually just make age spots less obvious, so more drastic measures are in order if you want to permanently go spot-free. Cryotherapy involves freezing spots to get rid of excess pigment. This method does eliminate age spots, but there is a risk of lighter skin in the treatment area as it heals. Ask your doctor about chemical peels and dermabrasion. These options work by removing the outer layer of skin altogether, soon to be replaced by spot-free skin.

Step 3

Break out the big guns to make age spots disappear with minimal invasiveness. Laser treatment, while the most expensive option, is also the one with the fewest risks. It may take several sessions. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that this or any other treatment will prevent future age spots.

Step 4

Slather on the sunscreen to lower the risk of repeat offenders. Sun exposure is the source of most age spots, and may undo all your best efforts to make them disappear. Protect your skin or stay out of the sun altogether to make sure you get to keep your smooth, spot-free skin looking gorgeous.

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