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What Kind of Powder Is Good for Oily Skin?

Powder Foundation

Some cream foundations have mattifying properties that are absolutely essential for oily-skinned ladies. But powder foundation provides even coverage and is much easier to apply and blend. Choose a lightweight powder foundation designed to keep your skin looking matte and gorgeous all day. Powder foundation can look cakey and weird on dry skin, but oily skin should glow with help from the right powder. Add a mattifying primer underneath your powder foundation for extra staying power, and stop worrying about midday makeup slippage.

Translucent Powder

You use primer to ensure your makeup lasts all day, but translucent powder can also provide that extra staying power for oily skin. Dip a kabuki brush into the powder jar and tap it on the side to get rid of any excess, then lightly swirl the powder over your face to set your makeup and give oil that final kick it needs to stay away until bedtime. Just don’t use too much translucent powder, or your makeup will be obvious.

Powder Blush

Cream blush might help create a dewy complexion, but on oily skin it can be a complete disaster. Cream blush can disappear from oily skin quickly, leading to frequent touchups to keep that glowing look. The more traditional powder blush actually helps absorb grease from oily skin, meaning you get a similar flush to cream blush, but without the hassle of touchups. Apply powder to the apples of your cheeks and sweep outwards toward your ears for a sexy, natural finish.


Mineral makeup is an ongoing craze in the beauty world. It’s easy to apply and provides a natural finish that can be lacking with other formulas. Choose mineral powder foundation, blush and eye shadow and use makeup brushes to apply them. Whether your budget is drugstore-friendly or you prefer to surf the higher-priced cosmetic counters at your local department store, there is a mineral makeup collection within your price range.

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