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Printable St. Patrick's Day Pins

For this easy St. Patrick's Day project, all you need is our free printable, scissors, paper clips and a bit of tape.

The first step is to print out the sheet below (click for a full-size version). Use thicker paper for sturdier pins. If you'd like more than four pins, print out extra sheets.

Then, cut out the shamrocks and tags.

Once you've cut all the items out, start creasing the shamrocks. Fold in half, unfold, and then fold in half again along the perpendicular axis. Creasing the shamrocks will make them stick out a little bit and add some life to the pins.

After that, grab the tags you've cut out. Slip a paper clip over the top, with the short side of the clip on the side of the tag with words. Secure it on with a piece of tape.

Turn the tag over, and tape it to the back of the shamrock. The white sides of both the tag and the shamrock should be facing you, and the longer side of the paper clip should be facing out. This is what you'll use to pin or secure onto a T-shirt, belt, pocket or anything else that needs decorating.

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