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Are Tinted Moisturizers Good for the Skin?


Tinted moisturizers are skin-softening products that contain a slight makeup tint to cover imperfections. They are beneficial to your skin because they do provide a moisture source that feels sheer on your skin. Moisturizing daily helps to maintain the beauty of your skin by making it moist and plump in appearance. Since your skin can get dehydrated, extra moisture from a tinted moisturizer can keep your skin healthy. If you have severely dry or flaking skin, a tinted moisturizer may not be as good for your skin as a dedicated moisturizer since tinted moisturizers are typically intended for skin types that aren’t as dry.

Sun Protecting

Many tinted moisturizers contain a sun protection factor of 15 or higher, which helps to protect your skin against the sun’s damaging rays. Mixing a sunscreen with your moisturizer saves you an extra step in application and means you can skip heavy topical products that could potentially clog your pores. Since the sun’s rays can contribute to skin wrinkling and age spots, using a tinted moisturizer has that (and your face) covered.

Beneficial Ingredients

In addition to sun-protecting ingredients, tinted moisturizers can contain everything from acne-fighting ingredients to antioxidants that battle premature aging. If you have a few skin woes you would like to address, look for a tinted moisturizer that has ingredients that address your skin's issues. Just be sure to look for a tinted moisturizer that is non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog pores, and hypoallergenic, meaning it won’t irritate your skin.

The Natural Look

When you’ve got great skin, there’s no need to weigh it down with extra makeup. But that’s what a lot of women tend to do. A tinted moisturizer provides a level of makeup coverage you can live with, but it doesn’t make your face look cakey or unnatural. As an added bonus, the moisturizer tends to let your skin’s natural glow shine through, making you look more luminous.

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