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How to Get Rid of Unwanted Hair for Women

Step 1

Slip into the bathtub, allowing your skin to soak and soften the hairs for removal. Shaving is the quickest, most economical way to remove hair. A razor and container of shave gel will last at least two weeks with frequent shaves, and they cost less than your favorite delivery pizza. Lather your skin with a moisturizing shave gel. Choose a new multi-blade razor. Use a gentle touch and glide over the hair, following the grain of the hair growth, to painlessly cut the hair. Pressing hard on the razor does not lead to a closer shave. Ease up! You don't want painful cuts or unsightly nicks on your smooth skin.

Step 2

Wax your hair if shaving isn't giving you the results you desire. For approximately the same cost as a razor and shaving gel, you can try and apply an at-home cold or hot wax hair removal kit to pull hair out by the roots. Smooth the soft wax onto your skin, then apply the supplied cloth or use the attached plastic backing to pull the wax and hairs from your skin. Although the process stings and leaves the skin mildly sore for up to 10 minutes, waxing leaves your skin smooth for three to four weeks.

Step 3

Pluck your hair to remove it inexpensively. Grab tweezers and quickly sanitize them by wiping them with an isopropyl alcohol pad. Hold the skin taut, grasp one hair at a time with the tweezers and with a quick, swift motion pull the hair from the skin. Tweezing stings momentarily, but it's the price you pay for smooth skin.

Step 4

Take your hair removal efforts to the next level, if necessary, and contact a dermatologist. Ask about permanent laser hair removal or electrolysis treatments. Although use of localized anesthetic during these in-office procedures dulls the pain, you will feel a dent in your wallet. These procedures cost several hundred dollars. Most insurance companies won't cover elective hair removal procedures.

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