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How Do I Shape Perfect Eyebrows?

Step 1

Use a white makeup pencil to draw a vertical line where the eyebrow should stop at the outside of your eye. This line should be about a third of the way past where your eye ends. If you need help with this step, hold a makeup brush vertically against your nostril. Then tilt the brush diagonally toward the outer corner of your eye. Where the brush hits at the end of your eye is where your line should be.

Step 2

Draw another vertical white line where you want the eyebrow to end inside your eye. Find the inside corner of your eye and draw the line just outside of that position. If you need some help, hold a makeup brush straight along the inside line of your nose. Draw with your pencil where the brush hits near your brow.

Step 3

Look straight into a mirror and hold a makeup brush in a vertical line from your pupil to your eyebrow. The point where the makeup brush hits the eyebrow should be the natural peak of the arch for the eyebrow. Make a little mark above that point on the eyebrow with your pencil.

Step 4

Brush the eyebrow carefully with an eyebrow brush, being cautious not to disturb the lines you just drew.

Step 5

Use some concealer or your white pencil to mark the area along the bottom of the brow that needs to be trimmed. Pushing up gently on the eyebrow hair can help identify what hairs should stay and what hairs should go.

Step 6

Use a pair of tweezers to pluck out the hair in the marked area under your brow. When you have finished tweezing under the brow, look along the top of the brow and tweeze any stray hairs there.

Step 7

Pluck the hair on the outside of the white lines on the inner and outer corners of the eyes.

Step 8

Brush the eyebrow hairs up and look for long hairs that extend past the rest. Use a small pair of scissors to trim the hair to match the length of the other hair.

Step 9

Brush the eyebrow hairs down and look for any other long hairs. Trim those as well.

Step 10

Brush the brows back into normal position and apply a light layer of clear mascara or eyebrow gel to hold the shape, and there you have it, your perfectly shaped eyebrow.

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