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How to Soothe Skin

Step 1

Apply aloe vera lotion or gel to hot or sunburned skin, for minor burns or for skin with eczema. Or find a mature aloe plant, cut a leaf lengthwise and apply the gel to your skin. Refrigerate the gel before applying for extra cooling and soothing relief.

Step 2

Take cool showers or baths. Hot water may feel better for soothing aching muscles, but it will dry your skin considerably. Decrease the time you spend in the bath to preserve the moisture in your skin. Take short, cool showers or opt for sponge baths to soothe the skin.

Step 3

Apply colloidal oatmeal -- from the pharmacy, not the grocery store -- for rashes, chicken pox, windburn, insect bites or poison ivy. Mix colloidal oatmeal into a tepid bath to reduce inflammation. Soak up to three times a day, in short 10- to 15-minute periods. Pat your skin dry without rinsing so that the oatmeal residue stays behind to protect your skin.

Step 4

Keep your skin soft and supple with moisturizer. Apply moisturizer to your face and body daily or twice daily for very dry skin. Apply the moisturizer while your skin is still damp for easier absorption.

Step 5

Apply nonprescription hydrocortisone cream to relieve itching. Choose a cream with 1 percent hydrocortisone. Apply as needed to the affected area and follow the recommended dosage.

Step 6

Moisten a clean cotton washcloth or gauze pad with cold water. Wring it out and place it as a compress directly on the irritated area. Keep it on the skin as long as needed and repeat when irritation recurs.

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