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Strategies for Building Muscle

Bodybuilding Method

In this method, perform different exercises that target specific muscle groups. You can use weight-training machines and free weights to isolate your muscle, which is the best method to stimulate muscle growth, according to Juan Carlos Santana, director of the Institute of Human Performance. In a 12-week period, train four to five days a week. On day one, train your pushing muscles, such as your chest, shoulders and triceps. On day two, train your back, biceps and legs. Rest on the third day, and repeat the process on day four and five. For exercise, perform 10 to 12 reps for three to four sets. Lift the resistance for two seconds, and lower the resistance for three to four seconds. The longer you place your muscles until tension, the more stimulus your muscles get to grow.

Interval Training

Coach Robert dos Remedios, author of “Cardio Strength Training,” recommends that you use the interval training method if you wish to burn a high amount of calories while building muscles at the same time. Interval training is where you do a series of high-intensity exercises followed by a short bout of rest. For example, you have a series of six exercises: pull-ups, multi-planar lunges, pushups, medicine ball throws, kettlebell swings and stair-running. Do 30 seconds of pullups, and rest for 30 seconds. Then do 30 seconds of lunges on each side of your body, and rest for 30 seconds. Repeat this pattern until you have completed the entire circuit. Rest for one to two minutes, and repeat the circuit two to three times.

Nutrition Timing

Coleman recommends that you eat a post-workout meal within 30 minutes after your exercise to minimize proteins in your muscles from being used for energy. The meal should consist of glucose to provide energy to your cells and lean protein to repair muscle damage. Do not eat fatty, greasy foods or too much fiber with your meal because it slows digestion and draws blood away from your muscles and into your digestive system. This slows protein synthesis and reduces your ability to build muscle mass.

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