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How to Work Out Hip Muscles

Body Weight

Step 1

Stand on one leg and hold the other leg straight out to your left or right, depending on the leg. Hold it parallel for at least three seconds.

Step 2

Jump to one side, landing on one foot while holding the other one in the air. Repeat in the opposite direction, and then the first side again, for 15 repetitions each.

Step 3

Lie on your back, push your lower back and butt off the floor, and straighten one leg while keeping the other one bent and the foot flat on the ground. Hold it for three seconds, and repeat for the other leg.

Step 4

Get on your hands and knees, lift one leg, and kick it behind you. Bring it back and repeat for the other leg.

Weight Training

Step 1

Squat with a barbell. Load the barbell across your shoulders and squat in a seating motion, keeping your core tight, your back straight and your knees right above your feet. Once your thighs are parallel or lower, push on the backs of your feet and rise back up. Repeat this for eight to 12 repetitions to build muscle.

Step 2

Hold two dumbbells and lunge forward, putting one leg in front of you and dipping down with the other leg straightening out. Push back up, and repeat with the other leg.

Step 3

Sit at a leg press with your knees bent and your legs flat against the pad. Push, with a straight back, until the weights reach the top. Again, use a weight that allows you to do only eight to 12 reps.

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