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How to Clean a White Blouse

Step 1

Scrub those sweat stains. Clothing pretreatment products found at the store often can encourage stains to skedaddle, but you can concoct a stain treatment yourself, too. Pour ½ cup each of water and ammonia into a cup, then use a cloth to blot the solution onto the stain. Or, create a paste by mixing 4 tbsp. of baking soda and ¼ cup of water together and applying the mixture to any sweaty spots under the arms, around the collar or wherever. Allow the potent paste to work its magic for about two hours, then rinse it away with water.

Step 2

Wipe the underarm area of your white shirt with vinegar, if the stains are being caused by your deodorant. Ingredients like aluminum in your deodorant keep you smelling pretty, but they leave their marks on clothing. The vinegar helps to take the stain away and typically doesn’t leave its signature scent behind. Sugar-free, alcohol-based mouthwash also gives those stains the boot when applied with a cotton ball. Colored mouthwash shouldn’t leave a stain; however, use a clear liquid if you are worried.

Step 3

Toss your white blouse in the washer after it has received its pretreatment. Of course, if your blouse’s tag says “dry clean only,” leave the laundering to a professional. Wash your blouse according to the directions on the label -- using the incorrect water temperature or laundry detergent could damage your shirt. Pull the shirt out of the washer once it’s done.

Step 4

Skip the dryer and allow your white blouse to air-dry. White blouses often become yellowed in the dryer, so hang yours outside to dry or lay it flat on a rack. You may experience some stiffness as a result of not using fabric softener, but that’s better than walking around with a yellowed shirt.

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