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How to Find a Relaxation Method

Step 1

Think about the one part of your life that stresses you the most. This is the one thing that you will attempt to avoid and release the tension from. If you are a professional proofreader, chances are that playing word games will not relieve your stress. To relax from work, you need to do something that gets your brain going in an opposite direction.

Step 2

Make yourself comfortable and consider what would really relax you. You might need to get rid of physical pain, emotional strain or mental stress. Be introspective and try to determine a few things that you think you would enjoy so much that they would completely relax you after a stressful day.

Step 3

Create a routine. If you need physical relaxation, this might involve wearing comfortable clothes, soaking your feet while sitting on the couch and drinking a cup of tea. Emotional or mental relaxation might include going for a run, playing an instrument or playing with a pet.

Step 4

Consider your senses and which is the most powerful for you. Stimulating this sense is likely to make you feel instantly better. Aromatherapy is something that may work for some people because scent can dramatically affect emotions. Scent bypasses the blood barrier and directly affects the nervous system, so it affects the brain quickly. However, if you have a strong connection with taste or hearing, eat a healthful food that makes you feel good or listen to your favorite songs on high volume. By flooding your brain with pleasure, you can help override your stress and relax yourself.

Step 5

Make a lifestyle change and use this as your relaxation method. A balanced and nutritious diet will make you more mentally, physically and emotionally prepared to deal with stress, according to the University of Georgia Health Center. Getting more sleep or beginning to exercise regularly will both relax you and keep you from being more stressed on a daily basis. Changing something about your life with which you are unhappy may make you happier and more satisfied, and feel more accomplished. It is a proactive and long-lasting relaxation method.

Step 6

Pay attention to what relaxes you the most and make it a regular activity. If your nightly run makes you feel amazing, make time for it every day. Make relaxation one of your priorities, at least for a small portion of the day. Don’t be afraid to try new things that look interesting to you.

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