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How to Care for Silk Clothing

Step 1

Take a peek at the care tag to make sure your silk clothing can be safely washed. If washing is OK, check for stains.

Step 2

Fold up a couple of paper towels to put against the wrong side of the silk if you find any stains. Put a drop of delicate liquid detergent right on the spot. Use another paper towel to gently, very gently, dab inward from the stain's outer edge. Keep working until you get rid of the stain.

Step 3

Pour one cap of delicate laundry detergent in the washbasin or sink and then fill the basin about half full of cold water. Slip the silk garment into the water and gently hold it under while the water soaks into the fabric. Wait about 15 minutes while the delicate detergent and water soak into the silk fibers.

Step 4

Stir up some bubbles! Agitate the water through the silk by pushing down on the garment and then moving it from side to side for about 10 minutes. Silk is fragile when it's wet, so don't twist, wring or scrub wet silk items.

Step 5

Use cold water to rinse the detergent out, then wrap your garment in a bath towel. You can't get too rough with silk clothes without risking damage, but you can do some major squeezing and pushing on that bath towel.

Step 6

Unroll the bath towel and roll the garment onto the sweater dryer. Then just spread it out and let it air dry until it's almost dry. You want it to be only slightly damp for ironing (that's right, ironing!).

Step 7

If you don't want to look like you're imitating a Sharpei, you're probably going to have to iron silk to get rid of wrinkles after washing. Iron the garment on the wrong side of the silk fabric with the iron set on the silk, or warm, setting. The iron's heat will finish drying the silk.

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