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What the Hell Were the Inventors of the New Birth Control for Men Thinking?!

Photograph by Twenty20

There's a new form of birth control on the market, and guess what? It's for a man, not a woman, which is refreshing, considering there are about five options out there for men, while women have almost three times as many. Is this putting most of the responsibility on women? Many would say yes, hell yes.

The new birth control, called Jifitip, definitely lives up to its name. Men can now slap a sticker on the tip of their disco stick and get this party started. Sounds like a dream, right?


The stickers are being sold for a mere $6 for a pack of three with the slogan "Feel your partner. Feel Freedom, Feel Safe," and were designed to give you more pleasure than those constricting condoms. But there seem to be a few minor oversights.

1. These little ding-a-ling stickers do not prevent STDs.

2. It bonds to the skin. That's gotta hurt. At some point in the evening, the Jifitip is going to have to be removed so you can drain your main vein, and I don't what woman would want to be there when that's happening.

3. After all the "freedom" talk, Jifitip has a disclaimer on its website saying their product does not prevent pregnancy. So what's the point of marketing a product as birth control for men, then saying it really isn't going to prevent anything you want it to prevent in the first place? Just go without.

4. No one should ever seal any part of their manhood or lady bits shut. Like, ever.

While it would be nice to think there's a form of birth control out there as easy as this—and for a man, no less—it almost sounds like a joke. I have to assume most consenting adults would give this one look and think, I am not going to put my fate in the hands of a damn sticker.

And all we can do is hope and pray they don't reach for a Band-Aid if the mood strikes and they are out of the good stuff.

But then again, there are also likely to be some younger less-experienced males and females out there with raging hormones thinking, What a time to be alive. And all we can do is hope and pray they don't reach for a Band-Aid if the mood strikes and they are out of the good stuff.

The product is in the process of being beta tested right now and Jifitip says if it passes muster, their product has the ability "to change the world." Who doesn't want to change the world one sticker at a time?

Couples who are aware of the risks are now testing the product but I spoke to Dr. Lakeisha Richardson, a board-certified OB-GYN with more than 10 years of experience in private practice, to get a more professional opinion and, big surprise, she gives it a huge thumbs down.

"The birth control Jifitip is not very effective or safe for women in my opinion. Men will be less likely to use condoms with Jifitip and this will increase a female's risk of STDs," says Dr. Richardson. "If the adhesive does not have an adequate seal, then there's a higher risk of pregnancy. An adhesive is more likely to leak or to come off during intercourse due to moisture, use of lubricants or other sexual devices. Overall, the Jifitip will never be superior to the old-fashioned condom."

Well, there you have it folks, all our dreams for an effective male birth control dashed. In the meantime, if you can't wait for this world-changing product to become available, please don't advise anyone to use a liquid Band-Aid on their pleasure pump. Grab something that we know works instead.

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