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The Best Way to Clean a Diamond Ring

Step 1

Fill a bowl with warm water. Warm water removes grease and grime from your stone or band without harming any of the fixtures on your ring. Add a few drops of either liquid soap or jewelry cleaning solution, recommended for their gentle yet effective approach.

Step 2

Drop your diamond in the warm cleaning solution and let it soak for at least five minutes to get the base layer of gunk off.

Step 3

Remove the ring from the cleaning solution and scrub your diamond with a soft-bristled toothbrush to get all the grime off. Dip the ring back in the cleaning solution if you need to re-wet it and slowly work the toothbrush over all corners.

Step 4

Run your bling under warm water to rinse it.

Step 5

Dry the ring with the jewelry cloth until it's dry to the touch. After cleaning, wear your ring or store it in a jewelry box till you're ready to dazzle.

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