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How to Plan Kitchen Storage

Step 1

Stand at the entrance of your kitchen. Take stock of the layout and common tasks performed there.

Step 2

Write common kitchen tasks on memo notes. For example, put "cooking” on one sticky note, “food preparation” on another. Stick the notes near the areas where the tasks are performed in the kitchen.

Step 3

Write on a single sticky note the items needed to perform a specific task. For example, the task “cooking” will include cooking utensils, oven mitts, pots with their covers, pans, cooking oils, salt and pepper. Place the new note containing the task’s paraphernalia next to the task note.

Step 4

Gather the items you listed and place them on the counter in the task area you designated.

Step 5

Evaluate the available space with the items you need to store in mind. Look at both vertical space where items might be able to hang and horizontal space, such as shelves, drawers and counters.

Step 6

Store your items, keeping them close to the task areas with which they are associated.

Step 7

If you have too many items, get rid of or store elsewhere the ones you haven't used in the past six to 12 months. Buy hooks, shelving or hardware to accommodate items you need to keep.

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