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The Advantages of a Treadmill


Treadmills offer the convenience of exercising no matter the weather conditions. Workout routines are often interrupted by snow, rain, extreme cold or heat and humidity. A treadmill offers a reliable, climate-controlled environment in which to work out. Working out on a treadmill helps you maintain your exercise routine and makes your workout safer, as well. Running in the summertime during hot weather can be dangerous, resulting in dehydration and even heat stroke. Rain, snow and ice can make roadways treacherous.

Monitoring Capability

Treadmills allow users to monitor their progress. Treadmills often have monitoring equipment that asks users to provide their weight and age so that calories burned during the workout can be calculated. Treadmills can also monitor heart rate and distances as well as allowing you to monitor and adjust your pace, making it a valuable tool for race or interval training.

Lessened Risk of Injury

Treadmills are easier on joints than running on unyielding concrete. Running on gravel or uneven surfaces can result in injury, but a treadmill provides a smooth, even running surface. Running outside can force you to run up and down hills, which helps work different muscles; treadmills can offer a similar experience with an adjustable incline, without the hassle or risk of injury involved in outdoor running.


Running or walking on a road shared by drivers can be dangerous, especially at night, when reflective gear must be worn to alert drivers to your presence. Running or walking on paths or country roads is potentially dangerous as well. In the summer, bugs and other pests can be a nuisance to runners. Even more dangerous are wild animals such as snakes, raccoons and bears, which may inhabit more deserted paths. Running on a treadmill offers safety from motorists without the need for protective gear and allows the runner to avoid annoying or dangerous pests.

Allowance for Distractions

Treadmills offer the opportunity to enjoy other activities while working out. Treadmills can be placed near a television, and some have a TV inserted into the dashboard, allowing users to watch their favorite show or movie while exercising. Many treadmills offer a platform to place books or magazines. If you work out with a partner, treadmills are ideal because they allow users to exercise together despite differences in pace.

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