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Eco-Friendly Office Cleaning

Step 1

Start by collecting the basics to use: vinegar, baking soda and salt. Used with water, these three components will clean just about everything. Have two spray bottles filled at all times. Fill one of the bottles one-third full with vinegar and the rest of the way with water. Label this bottle "All-Purpose Cleaner" and use it for dusting and general cleaning. Wash windows and mirrors with it as well. Fill another bottle half full with salt and the rest of the way with water. Label this one "Heavy-Duty Cleaner" and use it on things such as toilets. Use the baking soda mixture when some abrasion is necessary and the salt mixture when more abrasion is needed for tough stains and grime. Place water and a cup or so of vinegar in a bucket when mopping the floor is necessary. Be sure the mop is one that does not require replacement of the sponges. One with a washable cover is best. Purchase a steam mop if preferred, as it needs nothing more than water for cleaning the floors. Be sure always to have rags on hand for cleaning, as they can also be easily washed and reused.

Step 2

Purchase an organic dish detergent for the office kitchen. Try a natural detergent that is plant-based and biodegradable. You can also find dishwasher products available in powder form. Use natural products when doing laundry for your place of business or when cleaning rags. Use stain remover that is plant-based as well.

Step 3

Dampen dust rags before wiping down surfaces so the rags will catch the dust rather than disperse it into the air. Throw the rags immediately into the washing machine or into a pail until you can wash them.

Step 4

Hire professionals to wash windows and walls who use only eco-friendly products.

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