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How to Store Clothes for Heat & Cold

Step 1

Sort out the clothing that will not be used for the next season or two. Wash or dry clean any that are dirty. Storing dirty clothing may set stains and attract insects or rodents. Fold the clothing to minimize wrinkles.

Step 2

Put the clothing in sealable containers such as zippered wardrobes, plastic storage boxes, plastic bags or vacuum bags. These bags are especially convenient for winter clothing that may contain polyester filling or microfiber fabrics. When storing winter clothing made from wool or silk, it helps to add a few fresh cedar blocks or cedar shavings to repel moths whose larvae feed on these fibers.

Step 3

Slide the storage boxes under the bed or on shelves in the closet where they will be out of the way until they are needed when the season changes. Sheds or garages are also good places to store out-of-season clothing as long as the clothes are in bug-proof and animal-proof containers.

Step 4

Check on the clothing from time to time when storing it anywhere but inside the house. If you use vacuum bags, you may need to make sure the seal is holding. If the bags start to leak, repeat the vacuum process according to the directions on the bags.

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