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How to Declutter Before Company Comes

Step 1

Decide what items in each room are clutter. Put or throw away newspapers, magazines, plastic bags and clothes that are not properly stored. Take clutter to a single location to sort through it.

Step 2

Put trash into a garbage bag. Pack quality unwanted items into a box for a charity, consignment store or storage until you have a garage sale. Label your containers with a list of contents. Follow the same procedure for articles you want to keep but seldom use. Purchase cabinets, bins and shelving to store items you use on a regular basis. Invest in products such as file folders, closet extenders, shoe racks and under-the-bed storage tubs.

Step 3

Develop habits to keep your home free of clutter. Toss out newspapers, magazines and fliers daily. Pick up and put away out-of-place items when you enter a room. Keep everyday items such as keys in the same place. Get rid of items you do not need.

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