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How to Use Your Walls to Declutter Your Space

Step 1

Mount hanging, or floating, shelves. Shelves are an easy way to keep items organized and out of the way. Items to be stored on shelves include but are not limited to plants, knickknacks, trophies, toys, books and games. Shelves also make it easy to keep do-not-touch items out of the reach of your children, and if organized correctly, can beautify a room with a personalized touch.

Step 2

Install hooks. Hooks provide a home for items that would typically overflow from your closet, such as belts, scarves, hats, robes and other articles of clothing. Hooks also provide a home for accessories, such as long necklaces, hats, purses, empty backpacks and empty laptop cases. Make sure you check the weight restrictions on your hooks before you hang anything on them; you don't want to make them fall from overloading.

Step 3

Set up a bookshelf. Bookshelves are a handy tool for decluttering. Aside from the obvious, they can also be used to store tapes and DVDs, CDs, toys, photographs and other keepsakes. And as a bonus, they add personality and warmth to a room.

Step 4

Frame your photographs and hang them. If you find you have pictures lying around taking up room, use them to beautify your space. Purchase frames that fit the size of your pictures, insert the pictures into the frames, and install small hooks in the wall to support their weight.

Step 5

Hang mirrors. People often purchase large mirrors and leave them leaning against the wall. This occupies valuable space that could be used for something else. Hang mirrors to leave additional floor space clear. Make sure the mirror is safely secured to eliminate any risk of falling.

Step 6

Install a hammock net on your wall. These can be arranged by hanging two plastic hooks about 4 feet apart, and attaching opposite ends of a hammock net to both ends. Hammock nets are typically used for soft items. They work well in a child's room as a charming home for stuffed animals. In an adult's bedroom or living room, use them for throw pillows.

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