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Day 4: Sugar-Free Challenge

As a team we're doing well stripping sugar from our meals. That's the easy part. You can weed out most sweets from your breakfast, lunch and dinner with a bit of extra effort (and label reading). But we realized how we rely on those sugar hits throughout the day in our snacks to give us an energy boost. Fruit, of course, is allowed and a good option. But at 3 pm, when we're in a slump, I've noticed the team starts talking about cookies, not apples!

Check out Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3.

And see how we are faring below.

Cerentha Harris, lead editor

April Peveteaux, editor

Esther Carlstone, editor

Anne-Marie O'Neill, General Manager

Laura Clark, senior editor

Maura Wall Hernandez, editor

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