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How to Remove Duct Tape from Clothing

Step 1

Remove the duct tape slowly, just as you would a price label from a hard surface. Start at the edge and pull the tape up diagonally. Try to leave behind as little residue as possible.

Step 2

Use a dull kitchen knife to scrape off any larger pieces of duct tape residue.

Step 3

Squirt some waterless hand cleaner directly onto the residue. Rub the cleaner into the clothing with your finger. As you do, small bits of the residue will start to come off.

Step 4

Remove the residue bits as they come off the clothing. Add more hand cleaner if you need to.

Step 5

Rinse out your clothing with plain water once you have removed as much of the duct tape as possible.

Step 6

Apply a pre-wash stain remover on the fabric where the duct tape residue was located. Wait about five minutes, then wash the fabric with regular detergent.

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