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How to Vacuum Cushions

Step 1

Vacuum or sweep the floor where you'll be working.

Step 2

Remove removable cushions from furniture and place on the freshly cleaned floor. Pick up and throw away all visible trash and debris from under the cushions and vacuum the furniture's frame.

Step 3

Hold the cushion or secure it on the floor by standing on it. Starting at the edge of the cushion farthest away from you, move the vacuum upholstery attachment toward you, removing it and starting again next to where you just vacuumed, overlapping the lines. As an alternative, have a partner hold the cushion with both hands on the edges while you vacuum the center, then rotate until all sides are vacuumed.

Step 4

Vacuum non-removable cushions on the furniture. Start at the point on the cushion farthest away from you and pull the vacuum upholstery toward you backwards. To get the entire edge, change your position relative to the furniture periodically and use the same process to vacuum the cushion thoroughly.

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