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Flower Pollen Stain Removal Tips

Remove Excess Pollen

Carry the garment outdoors and shake it vigorously. If you suffer from allergies, wear a protective mask or delegate the task. Before returning indoors, remove additional loose pollen with masking tape. Roll a length of tape around several fingers and pat the garment. When the tape no longer sticks, replace it with fresh tape. Discard the used tape.


Laundry spot cleaners or pretreatment products remove pollen stains. Pretreat the stained area, then launder as directed by the garment care label. If the manufacturer's instructions do not prohibit bleach treatment, add bleach to the wash load. Bleach disinfects the fabric and removes additional pollen.

Dry Clean Only

If the care label designates a garment as "Dry Clean Only," shake out or vacuum excess pollen, but do not launder. To treat visible stains, saturate a clean towel or sponge with a dry cleaning solvent and blot until the solvent transfers completely to the fabric. Allow the solvent to dry before wearing the garment. Follow with a visit to your dry cleaner.

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