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Fitness Tips for Summer


Fitness vacations, the newest trend in health and fitness, allow you to escape the everyday stress of your life. Swap the boring cruise for a white-water rafting adventure. Enjoy the waves and keep your heart pumping. Trade in the pina colada for a fresh fruit smoothie and spend your vacation at a health spa. Located across the globe, health spas offer relaxation with your health in mind.


Take off your parka and enjoy the outdoors after a long winter. Change up your fitness routine and save money from a gym membership by working out outdoors. Improvise using equipment and nature to score yourself a slamming summer bod. Use playground straight bars for pullups to tighten those triceps. Run circuits in the park for heart health or join a game of skipping rope with your children.

Environmental Safety

Don't overdo it outdoors; warm weather brings environmental concerns that may affect your health. Keep hydrated and drink plenty of fluids. Wear loose-fitting clothing to allow sweat to evaporate and take breaks if you start too feel too hot. Watch for air quality reports warning of smog days. On extremely poor air quality days, work out indoors or swim laps in the pool. If you must exercise outdoors on smog days, do so before 10 a.m. or after 8 p.m. Keep children and pets indoors on smog days, too.

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