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How to Tone and Trim While Walking

Warm Up

Step 1

Warm up by stretching before you begin walking. Lean forward, bending one knee and stretching the other leg out behind you. Brace yourself with your hands on the bent knee and hold for a count of five. Switch legs and repeat the stretch.

Step 2

Sit on the ground with your legs spread as far as is comfortable in front of you. Bend at the waist and lean toward one leg, reaching for your toes. Hold for a count of five. Repeat with your other leg.

Step 3

Stand up and bend one leg up behind you. Reach back with one hand to pull your foot close to your body and use your other hand to steady yourself, bracing against a wall or tree for support.

Walk the Walk

Step 1

Begin walking and increase your speed gradually until you are walking at a brisk pace — just a little slower than a slow jog.

Step 2

Pump your arms as you walk. This helps move you forward faster and will burn more calories.

Step 3

Take short, fast steps. This will increase your speed, and therefore increase the calories you burn.

Step 4

Look ahead as you walk and set goals or markers. Speed up until you reach them and stop walking briefly to do a set of lunges or even pushups. Adding in these sets of exercises will activate additional muscle groups, which will work to tone these other muscles. It will also increase your calorie burn.

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