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How to Treat a Home for Bed Bugs

Step 1

Launder your clothing, bedding and towels with 1/4 cup laundry detergent on the hottest water temperature allowed for that specific fabric. Immediately remove the items from the washing machine and place in the dryer. To kill bedbugs, the items must reach 120 F or higher.

Step 2

Place small items that cannot be laundered in plastic bags and seal them closed. Wrap upholstered furniture loosely with plastic. Place the wrapped furniture and bagged items in direct sunlight for several hours. The temperature inside the bag must heat up to at least 120 F to kill the bedbugs.

Step 3

Vacuum sleeping areas and living spaces thoroughly. This will not remove all the bedbugs but it will eliminate many of the insects. Place the contents of the vacuum canister inside a sealed plastic bag to keep the bedbugs from crawling out of the bag and back into your home.

Step 4

Clean all mattresses in the home with a hand-held steamer. The high temperatures that steamers create will kill bedbugs living in the mattress. Let each mattress sit in direct sunlight for several hours after steam treatment.

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