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Kid Talk: Patriotic Shaving Cream

This patriotic shaving cream activity is fun and open-ended, and allows kids to explore the properties of shaving cream while practicing color mixing and engaging in pretend play. I surprised my kids with an invitation to play when they woke up from their naps. Then they surprised me by spending a good 45 minutes engaged with this activity. This would be great to set up if you need a little time to make dinner. We used patriotic colors, but you can switch them up with whatever colors and props you like. (Note: Kids who still put things in their mouths are too young for this activity.)

You will need:

Small bin

Shaving cream

Small plastic cups (I use recycled applesauce cups)

Red and blue popsicle sticks

American flag cupcake toppers

Red and blue food coloring


I got most of the materials for this activity at my local dollar store. You can get shaving cream, patriotic cupcake toppers and colored popsicle sticks for $1 each. Not a bad deal!

Fill up a bin with shaving cream and add a few drops of red and blue food coloring. Provide your child with the above items on a tray and let her explore with the shaving cream. My daughter immediately started swirling the colored shaving cream with her spoon.

As she mixed and stirred, we added more food coloring to keep the colors intense.

My daughter noticed that the more she mixed, the more the colors combined to make a pink and purple color. This activity even served as an impromptu lesson in color mixing.

She scooped the shaving cream carefully into her plastic cups to make "cupcakes." She added an American flag cupcake topper and said "Happy birthday America!"

Some red and blue popsicle sticks made it even more festive! My daughter made cupcakes which she then "sold" in her pretend cupcake shop. There is no telling where a simple activity will lead!

Shaving cream is a great sensory medium for kids. It's cheap, readily available and you can add a variety of items to it to create a new experience each time you use it.

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