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How to Clean for Guests in 10 Minutes

Step 1

Walk quickly through your home, room by room, gathering everything that you notice is out of place or shouldn't belong there. Place all of these items in a basket or box and place inside a closet or in another area that is out of view of guests. A laundry basket or clothes hamper works nicely. While in your bedroom, make your bed.

Step 2

Wet paper towels with an all-surface cleaner and wipe down counter top and appliances in kitchen. Head into the bathroom guests would use and wipe down sinks, counter tops, toilets and mirrors.

Step 3

Grab your duster and rapidly pass it over items and surfaces that guests will see, such as coffee tables, kitchen tables and your entertainment console.

Step 4

Collect any large pieces of debris on floors if you don't have time to sweep or vacuum. Smaller particles won't be noticed, but leaves and dirt will. Take the time to gather them, and it will give the impression of having cleaned the floors.

Step 5

Spray a scented aerosol toward the intake vent of your central air. This will disperse the scent throughout the house, saving you the time of having to go through it yourself. Alternatively, you could light a scented candle.

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