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Produce Cleaning Checklist


Rinse produce under warm water. This should be done even if you plan on peeling the fruit or vegetables. Warm water is generally enough for rinsing, but you can use a solution of three parts water to one part lemon juice for additional protection. A rinse of vinegar is also beneficial in removing bacteria.

Damaged Parts

Remove all damaged and bruised parts from fruits and vegetables. Damaged fruit and vegetable parts can harbor dangerous bacteria. If any fruit or vegetable appears mostly rotten or looks like it is going bad, throw it away.


Scrub the produce with a clean produce brush. You can scrub quite hard on firm produce, such as cucumbers and melons. Be a bit more careful on other produce as you don't want to damage it.


Use paper towels or a clean, soft cloth to wipe down produce after you have scrubbed it. This will remove more bacteria than rinsing and scrubbing alone. After the produce as been wiped down, wash your hands thoroughly using soap.

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