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Organizing Ideas for a Rummage Sale

Step 1

Collect all the items you plan to sell. Lay these items out before you in a clean and uncluttered area — a sunny day is perfect for this because you can lay your items out on a large sheet on the driveway. Remove any broken items that will not sell.

Step 2

Survey your remaining items. Ask yourself which you think will sell for the highest price. Think about the items in terms of value to your customer, not to yourself. For instance, if something is useful and practical but is not tremendously valuable, it holds great value in terms of a yard sale because customers are often looking for functional items that still operate. Separate higher-priced practical items from lower-priced practical items.

Step 3

Price the higher-priced functional items you've separated first. Employ the general rule of thumb "a third of what the item costs new"; however, bear in mind the usefulness of the item. Price an item that still works perfectly higher than you would an item that has a general amount of wear and tear. Price the lower-priced functional items next.

Step 4

Move on to the decorative or "luxury" items. Organize these by size. Move small knickknacks to one area and larger decorative items such as tapestries, mirrors or wreaths to another area. Price these items according to their objective value (think of what your customer might pay), not their sentimental value to you.

Step 5

Set up your space for selling your material in a similar sequence to the order in which you priced the items. Lay down a rug or sheet for larger lower-priced functional items. Place these at the entrance to your yard sale. Place your higher-priced functional items slightly behind the lower-priced items. Set up tables for your decorative items.

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