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Tips on Organizing Children's Rooms

File Cabinets

File cabinets may not seem like an item to use in a child’s bedroom, but the organization tool stores school papers, assignments and the awards your child receives. To make a drab file cabinet more fun for your child’s room, let him paint it in his choice of color. A file cabinet also prevents piles of papers collecting on the shelves in the bedroom.

Regular Sorting Plan

Teach your child how to sort her belongings to reduce the amount of clutter. Every season, go through the closet with your child and remove clothing that no longer fits. On a quarterly basis, go through toy boxes to remove broken toys or items with which she no longer plays.

Closet Organizers

Tools such as back-of-the-door shoe organizers store many items in the child’s room. Use the see-through plastic pouches to store pens, markers, pads of paper and other school supplies in one location. Girls can also store leggings or hair accessories in the pouches to keep the room organized.


Provide a laundry hamper in the bedroom to prevent dirty clothing ending up on the floor. Buy a hamper that your child likes, or have him pick it out to get him to actively participate in laundry storage. Keep it a simple basket for younger children, and use a more complex sorting system for older children.

Homework Area

Create a specific area in the room for completing homework. Instead of sprawling on the bed or the floor, working at a desk helps keep homework neat and organized. In a small room, a loft bed, which raises the sleeping area up near the ceiling, provides enough floor space underneath for a work area in the room.

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