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How to Dispose of Toxic Cleaners So I Can Go Green

Step 1

Check with the EPA to make sure that none of your cleaners have been banned or placed on the EPA's restricted list and that none of them are past the expiration date.

Step 2

For cleaners that can still be used, offer them to someone else, such as a neighbor or friend or a local business.

Step 3

Find a household hazardous waste collection or recycling site near you. Look up one near your zip code through the locator at (see Resources).

Step 4

Call a local household hazardous waste site to find out its guidelines on waste disposal. Ask if the site accepts collections only on certain days or during certain hours, if there is a limit to the amount of toxic cleaning products you can bring, and the guidelines for accepting waste.

Step 5

If your toxic cleaning products do not exceed the limit of what you can bring to the local recycling site, then check with your neighbors to see if they have household hazardous waste to dispose of. By taking the waste from several houses in one trip, you'll reduce the carbon emissions impact of your travel.

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