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How to Clean: Home Schedule

Step 1

Jot down the following cleaning tasks and customize it for your specific need: wash dishes, clean bathroom No. 1, clean bathroom No. 2, wash interior windows, windowsills and blinds, wash exterior windows, wipe and dust furniture, remove cobwebs, sweep floors, vacuum floors, empty trash, organize shelves, pitch or shred junk mail, file important papers, clean microwave, empty and clean refrigerator, mop floors, do laundry and put it away, organize closets and drawers, wash drapes, clean light fixtures, switches, fans and doorknobs, clean/vacuum couches.

Step 2

Write down how often you want to complete each task -- weekly or monthly. For example: wash dishes twice a day, clean bathroom No. 1 once a week, empty trash thrice a week, clean microwave once a week, clean closets and drawers once a month.

Step 3

Draw a chart (7 columns by 5 rows) on your computer or on a sheet of paper that covers a month of cleaning.

Step 4

Write or type "Monday," "Tuesday," "Wednesday," "Thursday," "Friday," "Saturday" and "Sunday" in the first row.

Step 5

Pick the first chore you want to manage and place it under the weekday that works best for you, such as "clean bathroom No. 1" under "Saturday." If it's a weekly chore, add it to each Saturday that month and cross it off the master list (created in Steps 1 and 2), so you won't accidentally add it elsewhere.

Step 6

Place daily cleaning tasks, such as "wash dishes," under each day of the cleaning schedule. Place monthly tasks, such as "clean fans," once on the schedule, on the day that works best for you.

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