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How to Care for Linoleum

Care for a New Linoleum Floor

Step 1

Remove all surface dirt and dust by vacuuming or sweeping the floor thoroughly with the broom or the vacuum cleaner.

Step 2

Wait four days after initial installation without cleaning the linoleum floor in any way other than sweeping or vacuuming as soiling occurs. Do not get the floor wet. Vacuum or sweep the floor again after three days elapse.

Step 3

Pour the recommended amount of linoleum cleaner into the bucket, consulting the product label for the recommended amount. Add cool water to the bucket, and swirl the ingredients around in the bucket with your hand or a stir stick to incorporate them.

Step 4

Wash the floor with the cleaning solution, using a wet cleaning cloth or a sponge. Allow the floor to dry before proceeding.

Step 5

Pour the recommended amount of linoleum polish into the bucket, consulting the product label for the amount recommended for the size of your floor area.

Step 6

Saturate a sponge with water, and wring it out. Apply the polish to the sponge, and wring out the sponge partially. Wipe the floor with the sponge, working in small 4-foot sections. Apply the polish by stroking it on evenly. Avoid going back over areas where you already applied the polish because you can create streaks. Work until you apply polish to the entire floor area.

Step 7

Allow the floor to dry completely, and apply a second and third coat of polish. Drying times will increase between subsequent layers of polish.

Step 8

Keep people from walking on the floor for approximately 24 hours after polishing.

Maintenance of Linoleum Floor

Step 1

Sweep or vacuum the floor often to keep dust and dirt particles from sitting on the floor. This debris can cause damage to linoleum over time.

Step 2

Scrub or mop the floor using the linoleum cleaner whenever the floor looks dirty.

Step 3

Wipe up spills and messes as they occur with a sponge or cloth saturated with water.

Step 4

Polish the floor again with linoleum polish when the floor begins to appear dull. Follow the same procedure for applying the polish, and apply one or two coats of polish. Allow the layers of polish to dry thoroughly between applications.

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